Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Youtube Tutorials

Today the children in Room 5 became Youtubers. They had to work in their learning groups to make a tutorial video explaining something they had made or learnt about in their learning groups this term. They all did an amazing job. 






Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Alvin is a great soccer player. He was in the Rep soccer team and brought in 2 of the medals he received.
Ka Pai Alvin.

Room 5 Speeches

On Monday Room 5 had their first ever speech competition. We have been learning to write information reports so it was easy for us to turn one of these into our speech.
We had a range of topics from...
  • Room 5
  • Penguins
  • Tanks
  • Cars
  • Tide Pools
  • Ice Cream
As a class we came up with how these would be judged - We would get 5 points for each of the following: Voice, Speed, Confidence and Smiling.
Hannah and Tama from Room 16 came over as our judges. They had a very hard job. When they came back they had a certificate for each of our wonderful students.
Blake and Deakan = 1st 
Kerangi = 2nd

Alvin, Miley, Deijahn, Oliver and Lochie = 3rd

Plus all of the wonderful effort that the whole class put in. 
Your teacher is very proud.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Creative Play

This morning while putting out equipment a group of boys noticed how the sun made shadows on the sheets. They decided they would create a puppet show for an audience to come and watch. They set up seats, props and started practicing. ACTION!

I wonder what it will look like in the end?


Monday, 28 August 2017


Deegan has been so switched on this term that he has been carrying on his learning at home. This is what he did after making a boat at school. He has also carried on learning about paragraphs and has written a lovely information report about his favourite person.

I made a boat and I had to use a hot glue gun. I used Popsicle sticks. I did this because I made one with Mrs Murphy and then I thought of a different way to make one. I copied a bit of it. When I was finished off the boat I got some string and tied up the boat. I used on big Popsicle stick to make a wake board. I made a little person to the wake board.

My favourite person is my Mum.

She has brown and black hair.

She works at home. She cuts peoples hair.

She takes us to go motorbike riding and takes us to go wake boarding.

She makes us dinner and she sometimes brings us KFC.

Sometimes she is lazy and sits on the couch.

She is my Mum.

By Deegan.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Learning Groups

This term we have 3 learning groups. They are learning about FLIGHT, SUBMARINES AND ELECTRICITY.

This week we did experiments to learn more about out topics.

The FLIGHT group looked at the forces a plane needs to fly. It need weight, lift, drag and thrust. We explored lift by blowing on a piece of paper like a wing would fly through the air. When we blew the paper lifted. We explored how thrusts worked by making a balloon rocket. We blew up a balloon and stuck it to a piece of straw on a string. The balloon flew on the string from the air pushing its way out of the balloon.

The SUBMARINE grouped looked into how a submarine can submerge and re-float. They used the internet to find an instructions on how to make their own submarine. They where able to see how a ballast tank helps a submarine submerge.

The ELECTRICITY group explored static electricity and what it does. They used the electricity to pick up tissues from the floor. The tissue jumped from the floor to the balloon. They also looked at whether two balloons were attracted to each other when a charged balloon was next to it.


Every Wednesday afternoon Arthur joins 3 other members of Team 2 for robotics. They use a Lego computer program to get their robot to follow a path. They have to do a lot of testing and have to problem solve if it doesn't work.